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Science and society

The Young Academy is especially active in communicating about science. Members contribute regularly to publications in the national press and to radio and TV programmes. They organise educational projects and participate in public events.

The Young Academy believes it is very important for primary and secondary school pupils to find out for themselves what science is and what scientists actually do.

The Young Academy on Wheels

One of the Young Academy's major projects, which ran from 2008 to 2012, was The Young Academy on Wheels, in which a busload of top young scientists spent a day running research workshops with secondary school pupils.

The Youngest Academy

The Young Academy developed a website and research game in which groups of pupils aged 10 to 14 can compete with one another.

Podcast and vodcast

This website includes vodcasts and podcasts by members of the Young Academy. These film and audio portraits give viewers an idea of the broad area of research covered by ten members of the Young Academy.

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