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Get to know our new members: Van Heerwaarden, Hendriks, Vols & Boodts

29 March 2021

The Young Academy welcomed ten new members on Tuesday 23 March. We have another set of videos for you this week introducing four of the new members. How do cloud shadows affect the generation of solar energy? Can we predict which lung cancer patients will develop metastases in the brain? How did medieval copyists influence the texts they copied? And are people on the margins of society afforded adequate human rights protection? 

Chiel van Heerwaarden, Lizza Hendriks, Shari Boodts and Michel Vols tell us about their research and what they plan to do at The Young Academy.

Chiel van Heerwaarden

Lizza Hendriks

Shari Boodts

Michel Vols

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