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Behnam Taebi

Dr. ir.
Main position
Universitair Hoofddocent TUD
History and philosophy of science and technology
Employed by
Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management
Values, Technology and Innovation, Section Ethics and Philosophy of Technology
Jaffalaan 5
2628 BX   Delft
tel.   015 278 7511
Personal website Research/publications

The most important achievement of Behnam Taebi (born in 1977) so far has been the development of a new area of research: Ethics of Nuclear Energy.

His aim is to bring together the practical potential of engineering and the ethics of nuclear energy production and nuclear waste storage. Taebi studied Material Science and Engineering as well as Philosophy. He was a visiting PhD student at MIT and is currently spending a year at Harvard as a Research Fellow. He has built a vast international network. Taebi gives public lectures and is involved in master classes for Dutch MPs on technology and ethics.

Taebi, Dr. ir. B. (Behnam)
  • Ethics of engineering. Responsible innovation. Ethics of energy issues (nuclear power production and nuclear waste repositories). Climate ethics


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